About Founder -Marlena

I am a dedicated practitioner and teacher of holistic medicine- certified nutritionist, hypnotherapist, sound therapist, Reiki Master, meditation teacher, Law of Attraction Mindset and Spiritual Life Coach with passion for herbs, essential oils, crystals and love for Mother Earth.

I was always a very sensitive,shy child living in my own world. My mother used to tell me to stop “walking in the clouds”.

On many occasions I was asking her not to kill insects or cut flowers because they can feel pain, and instead of food I would drink water unknowingly detoxing my body while my family would laugh saying I am too lazy to prepare my food. At that time I was just listening to my body and its needs.

As a young woman I studied journalism at the University.  While doing my masters degree I have completed 1 year of psychology and felt really drawn to the topic. With great results I was advised by my psychology professor to go for master degree in psychology not journalism but I was already on a different path and I felt it was too late to turn back. I felt my true self became suppressed  by the society. That’s also when my TV work started and I became TV presenter in very stressful and competitive environment.

My spiritual path I have started early. As a young teenager I used to explore and  discover more depth and eternal truths with help of like minded spiritual teachers and shamans. I have been involved in holistic practices since then for over 25 years (learning and after practicing myself). I am certified holistic nutritionist ( Body Mind Institute- David Wolfe) sound therapist, yoga trapeze instructor, Nia instructor and Spiritual Coach specialising in Self Love.

As a Transformational Life Coach I have a passion for empowering clients to understand themselves and discover the gentle power of the holistic arts. Music (sound) was always big part of my life. In my early years I was trained in professional singing and touring with the band all over the country. Later I became a DJ and released a single on Spotify and other music media. My track in collaboration with Yan Garen (french music producer) was included in many compilations making to the top of many charts.

Looking for natural ways to rebalance the body and through my love of music, I researched the benefits of music and sound and how it impacts the human body and energy and this led me to do the training in sound therapy.

Sound therapy is a natural source in bringing balance through tuning your body to the right frequencies.

I offer 1:1 sessions and group events for individuals and corporations.

As an experienced Sound Reiki Therapist, I enjoy bridging the gap between western medicine and the “alternatives,” while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal. 

Reiki is a Japanese word: rei means universal and ki is the life force (or energy) which flows through all living things. As Reiki Master  I offer 1;1 healing sessions ( including distant healing) I also offer reiki 1,2,3 training courses, attunements and certification.

Some clients and coaches have a desire to go deeper.

As a Spiritual (Transformational) Life Coach I use a spiritual element of traditional coaching.

Transformational coaching changes life. A spiritual approach offers a power that helps clients to do so. Body and mind are vital but the spiritual level is the deepest.

It is most important to create a fulfilling life. There are many ways to overcome challenges. Transformational coaching involves some of the best and most benefiting ones.

As a spiritual transformational coach I help and guide the clients to find inner peace and discover  harmony. Many people get what they desire but they remain unhappy.

What is difficult is to cut all the noise and find inner peace. Find that level of contentment within oneself.

This is where I am offering my help with coaching, supporting my clients in finding  sense of wholeness and finding soul’s true value often working through releasing traumas and other issues.

I also teach meditation and I am NIA white belt teacher (combination of dancing arts yoga, martial arts and healing arts like Alexander and Feldenkrais Techniques) and Yoga Trapeze Instructor.

My experiences of living in many parts of the world (Europe, Africa, Australia) have built my knowledge about natural herbs, foods and superfoods for example: the use of medicinal mushrooms and their benefits.

My aim is to help you discover the best version of yourself, help you discover what deep inside you already know and understand the importance of the lifestyle choices we have available to us. By the end of our sessions, I want you to walk away feeling settled and comfortable with where you are at, passionate and excited about where you are going and at peace with where you have been and what you’ve been through.

“Nature Itself Is The Best Physician”


I’m also a founder of Liluna Organics.

My first job was working as a model and then TV presenter. Because of the nature of my job, there was a lot of make up involved which was slowly but visibly affecting my skin which with time became sensitive to every single skincare product. The amount of chemicals in all these products was out vast and when I looked at the labels, I had difficulty understanding or recognising  any of the ingredients.

Over  the years I have built my knowledge around skincare manufacturing process, my ex husband  worked for one of the biggest skincare  brands on the market and I was able to learn all the secrets. I was horrified  and shocked to discover how many preservatives were used in production process to extend product’s shelf life. I then understood their priority was all about profit not about helping the skin and wellbeing and I wanted to share my discovery and find a natural solution which could be offered to customers. That is how Liluna Organics was born.

I have started formulating skincare products for myself as at that point I wasn’t able to use any skincare products on my skin, even the one from the pharmacy! Soon my skin condition was back to normal and people started asking me for help with their skin problems.

I have studied and worked with natural products and methods of wellbeing and I have learnt  there is so much we can do to protect ourselves not only from inside but also  from the outside and felt the urge to share my discovery with people and help as many as I can.

In recent years I have noticed a huge change in people’s awareness  when it comes to food but we are still  not as  conscious when it comes to toxins we absorb in to our bodies through our skin.

In this polluted world  with so many environmental challenges we need to protect ourselves and help our system by minimising  the amount of toxins coming in from the outside. Considering the skin is our biggest organ and up to 70% of everything we put on it is getting into our blood stream I wanted to introduce skincare range  which supports our bodies with organic , Paraben  free, Petrolatum free, BHA free, Sodium Laureth Sulfate free and all other nasties free(no poo) and never tested on our furry animal friends products. If you are reading this I am so happy we have gained another conscious soul in our circle.

All the ingredients used in our formulas are ethically sourced, organic whenever possible, natural, some even edible with no additives added. We carefully select every ingredient and make sure it only benefits your skin and body. You can check out  our  ingredients page  to find out more about amazing benefits of our products. Thank you for being with us. 

With LOVE and LIGHT