Frequency-Follow up (Prior scan required)


THE INITIAL CONSULTATION SCAN MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THIS SCAN. Follow-up full body scan and comprehensive scan. Minimal Database analysis as time allows. SEFI imprinting per request or as time allows.

Frequency scanning is a revolutionary and cutting-edge solution through biomedicine. Our scanner is a dual-function technology used to detect and correct abnormalities in cells, tissues, or organs. First, detection is critical to understanding the challenges your body may be facing. It is difficult to heal if you are unaware of why your body is being challenged. Next, what can you do with that information? There are literally thousands of abnormalities it can support including multitudes of virus, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, joint and muscle pain, hormone imbalances, stress, anxiety, as well as specific organ challenges. Supportive frequencies can also provide help to all of your organ systems so they function at their very best. ScanĀ  frequencies help your body maintain a healthy frequency, so that your own body can go about doing what it was made to do, heal and keep you healthy!