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Feeling lost or stuck ?

Feeling as if you aren’t reaching your full potential ?

Feeling burnt out ?

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  Hayley B.

  The Struggle

  Chasing health and health anxiety. Never feeling like I was good enough.   

  I met Marlena through a mutual friend and loved how she dealt with not only       physical health and nutrition but the mind and soul too drawing on many different techniques and therapies.

  Marlena gently guided me through pain I didn’t even realise I was holding on to surrounding my health. Through various techniques in a short space of time I was able to let go of the shame I was holding on to from a child that was having a negative affect on the way I viewed my health. Marlena taught me that being healthy isn’t just about what you put into your body, it’s a state of being and letting go and surrendering with grace, patience and humour. Truly gifted therapist.

  Being also a part of Marlena’s Patreon Inner Circle and group chat is so beautiful as I get access to her community and ongoing guidance and support from herself and other renowned therapists. 


  What can I say apart from things got interesting with me being busy living my best life literally. I decided to get transformational coaching as I suffered from anxiety but was also aware there were other things I needed to work on but just kept putting it off. After lots of looking around trying to find a coach, I felt I could connect with, who wasn’t just trying to get a sale. I finally found Liluna Holistic. What a beautiful soul!!     Very approachable  non judgemental, full of knowledge, professional yet felt so familiar. Her energy and awareness is amazing. I can truly say I feel like a brand new version of me. I learnt so much about my learnt behavior, breaking old patterns, inner child wounds, breathing techniques and moving away from negative cycles. It was the best thing I did to prepare me for living a life more balanced with healthy connections and more fulfilment. Thank you Liluna Holistic for all your support and understanding. Your the best xx


  I’ve been working with Marlena for a few weeks now and every session has opened my eyes to so much. It’s such an incredible journey.

  I especially found journaling with focus of gratitude such a humbling experience and something I will always continue doing.

  Working with Marlena about protecting my own energy for me has been the highlight so far. I’ve always focused on others not myself. It”s just always been my nature, however after battling some serious traumas over the past 4 years( that I don’t think I ever really dealt with) again I found myself running to put my focus into others which resulted in scary decline in my own metal health and wellbeing. Working with Marlena about these things has really hit me hard on learning about my own energy and my responsibility to protect it. 

  I still have a lot more to go on my journey however day by day working with Marlena I am believing more and more in myself, I deserve all the best in life.


I am so grateful to Marlena for her time and skill. Her meditation sessions are a time to be away from the real world and to find time to slow down, relax and explore this ancient practice. Marlena is so knowledgeable and her sessions vary from week to week as she shows us how to embrace the different meditation techniques. During periods of stress I have never encountered anything that calms me and brings clarity like these meditation sessions. Marlena also has a wonderfully calming voice and has created a lovely warm atmosphere in her studio. I would highly recommend joining either her group or individual sessions. A truly  life changing experience.


Marlena is a very gifted meditation teacher and holistic coach. She is a deeply spiritual healer and has a wise outlook whilst having ability to make you feel accepted and cared for. Her meditation classes are very welcoming and are not only enjoyable but also beneficial to both physical and mental well-being. Her sound therapy makes both her meditation sessions and her holistic coaching even more healing and special.