Waterless beauty is a hot topic with industry insiders. In simple terms, it means products that are free from water. Instead, products are bursting with botanical ingredients and oils, banishing the need for preservatives and unnecessary fillers because bacteria looks only for water environment to grow in.

Noted to be a big environmentalmovement in beauty, going water-free has multiple benefits. With water reserves running low and consumers becoming more eco conscious than ever, using a product that uses less water is a big step towards making a positive change for the planet, without impacting your day-to-day life.

Not only is it good for the prosperity of the planet to cut back on water, but your skin may thank you too. Despite being often associated with hydration, water is actually drying when appliedon to skin topically, and as well as this it can encourage the growth of bacteria when added to products. To combat this, companies often add harsh chemicals and preservatives, which means it could be less ‘clean’ that something with just the active, skin-loving ingredients that we all want. The idea is that with no extra water to dilute a product, you will have something both pure and potent, resulting in a powerful product that is preservative-free, giving skin a heady hit of natural goodness.

Going waterless means your skin reaps more benefits from the products you use, because they’re not diluted. 

Liluna Skincare range is 100% and waterless , none of our creams, serums body butters ,scrubs or face masks contain any water at all!


It’s important to think about the long-term impact of what you put on your skin.

Less is more – and with formulations that are more concentrated, your products last twice as long. Using less product also means less waste from packaging, so it’s better for your pocket and for the environment.

Always read the ingredients, choose quality over quantity and reuse and recycle when finished

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